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Build a walk-in cooler for your farm with a CoolBot and a standard air conditioner

1. Remotely monitor your cooler and receive critical alerts from the free CoolBot Pro app

2. Reduce post-harvest loss

3. Increase produce value 

4.  Store products longer

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The Farmer's Answer to Cold Storage

Remotely Monitor Your Cooler and Receive Critical Alerts with a CoolBot® Refrigeration System

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Adjust Cooler Temperature From Your Phone

Need to adjust your cooler temperature when you're away from your cooler?  Not it's easily done from our mobile app.

Get Power Outage Alerts if Your Cooler Goes Offline

With emergency SMS alerts, you can rest assured that a surprise power outage or heatwave won't wipe out the product in you cooler.

Connect to WiFi for Remote Temperature Monitoring

Enjoy Affordable Cold Storage Loved By 50,000+

The new CoolBot Pro uses the same patented technology of the original CoolBot to help you save thousands of dollars on cold storage.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing what temperature your cooler is from anywhere you have a phone.

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