Shipping Container + CoolBot = Awesome: How RoxBox Modifications’ BeerCan is Changing the Mobile Bar Game

Anthony Halsch moved to Colorado in 2011. He had plans to play football, earn his petroleum engineering degree, and enter the oil and gas industry. But, as you know, plans change.

In 2014, Halsch saw the oil and gas industry slipping and knew he needed to alter his course. What he didn’t know was that his journey to launching two wildly successful businesses had begun.  

As Halsch was reevaluating his goals, a couple of his friends gave him a glimpse into an industry he hadn’t yet considered: shipping containers.

“They told me about these guys who were hauling these containers around with their diesel pickup trucks and flatbed trailers,” he says. “They were making $100/hour round trip.” That’s good money.

He wanted to learn more. So, he went online and typed “how to buy a shipping container” into Google. The first result? A 10-step WikiHow. No ads, no marketing, just a DIY site.

Halsch was floored. “I thought, ‘Wow, how is this even possible?’ No one was flashing, ‘Buy containers from me!’ So, I decided to do that.” In 2015, Halsch and his engineering economics professor started hashing out an idea for a new company that would sell shipping containers. And, just like that, Overcon Containers was born.

Overcon brokers shipping containers to end users. Most buyers use the containers for storage, but some people get creative with them, making bars and houses. These creative projects require some TLC to bring to fruition.

But, Halsch’s time, energy, and resources were already wrapped up in brokering, and he didn’t think it was realistic to get too far into modifications. That is, until he met Mike Lassers through the Denver Transportation Club board.

The pair started talking about the possibilities of shipping container modifications, a conversation that resulted in the launch of RoxBox Modifications. RoxBox modifies shipping containers to make them functional and attractive by adding roll-up doors, windows, custom paint jobs, and anything else you can imagine. They’ve even started on a two-unit vacation home for AirBnB and a mobile barbershop!

But there was one project they knew they wanted to do right from the get-go. “We had this idea for a mobile bar. With Colorado having so many breweries, we thought a tap container was a no-brainer.” Their design inspiration came from the fireworks stands that pepper American roadsides in the summer, and they teamed up with Grant Babb of Joy Ride Brewery to make their vision come to life.

The plan was to cut out windows around the container and use the cutouts for awnings, and then turn the space near the cargo door into a walk-in cooler.

The question was, “How?”

They’d heard about the CoolBot and thought it seemed like a good solution. But there was some skepticism about whether or not it would really be able to cool that large of a space to the desired temperature. So, Julia DeGennaro, Store It Cold’s sales and marketing specialist, took Davin, a member of Halsch’s team, to Denver pizzeria and taproom Hops & Pie, which has its own CoolBot-driven walk-in cooler.

After seeing the CoolBot setup in action, Davin walked back into Halsch’s office, threw his notebook down on the desk and said, “Well, you were right!” So, they bought a CoolBot and a $350 air conditioner and went to work on building their mobile bar.

The result was the BeerCan, a fully customizable mobile shipping container bar for your brewery, bar, business, or backyard.

“The original idea was for festivals,” Halsch says. “When you have tents and everything you have to break down every night and bring out the next day, it’s a lot of man hours. The BeerCan saves a lot of time. You can open up the bar in five minutes.”

You can also use it for secure overnight storage all of your festival gear, like POS systems and marketing materials.

“Whenever we go to festivals, we always end up with everyone’s food, water, anything else to stay cold. We become kind of a community walk-in.” Purchasing a BeerCan of your own will run you about $25,000.

It can be customized to your needs, including size, branding, and much more. If you aren’t ready to take a $25K plunge, you can also rent one for anywhere from 6 hours to a couple of days. The rentals come fully equipped with CO2, BeerGas, padlocks, and enough storage to keep plenty of kegs chilled and ready to serve.

RoxBox can even provide bartenders for your mobile bar — all you have to bring is the beer!

Whether you’re heading to a festival, hosting a wedding, or even just inviting your friends and neighbors over for a backyard barbeque, a BeerCan will help you take your event to the next level.

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