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Guest Commentary – Tackling Post-Harvest Loss

"Because post-harvest also is key to maintaining nutrients, strengthening it improves health as well as economic outcomes. The challenge is that power for cooling often is too costly or simply unavailable." The CoolBot was included in their study of options for developing countries!
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Coolbot Technology - Post Harvest Storage Solutions | Jane Ambuko | TEDxNairobi

We're so excited to finally get to see this video! Dr. Jane Ambuko is doing some incredible work and we are so excited to be a part of it.
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CoolBot Controller Makes Jury-Rigged Cooler Work

Our second appearance in Farm Show! We were nominated as a best buy by market gardener Mark Wittman.
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Testimonial From Upside-Downs Farm

With three pallets of eggs needing refrigeration fast, Michael S., from Upside Downs Farm started construction on a walk in cooler. This was such a fantastic email, we just had to share it here. Lots of information on cooler construction (including pictures!) and technical tips as well.
Read the complete email here: Michaels Letter

Storybook Beer and a Superhero Sandwich Shop

In Colorado Springs a new microbrewery, Storybook Brewing, opened up and they're using a CoolBot to cool their walk-in!
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Dr. Jane Ambuko and Herbert Thuo to Speak at TEDxNairobi 2014

As huge fans of TED Talks, we are so excited to be part of one! Dr. Jane Ambuko who is the Head of the Horticultural Department at the University of Nairobi will be talking about CoolBot technology.
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CoolBot, a new magic tool for farmers

It's pretty cool being called "magic". :)
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Keg / Draft Walk-in Cooler are ONLINE!

With help from kids and Dad, the cooler at R. Shea brewing is up and running, and it's a beautiful one at that.
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Cost effective walk–in coolers

Here's a great follow-up article of a workshop where attendees learned about CoolBot-controlled walk-in coolers at a NOFA/RI CRAFT Workshop
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Our 5 Favourite Market Gardening Tools

The second time we've been mentioned on this awesome blog! They made a list of their favorite gadgets and tools for farming, and we made the list!
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FSMA-Compliant Produce Handling and Building a Cooler with a CoolBot

This fall NOFA-RI is hosting a variety of free workshops open to the public! And on October 2 they will be discussing CoolBots with Wishing Stone Farm who has just set up their second CoolBot cooler!
To find out more about this and other workshops, check out their website:

Researchers Target Ways for World’s Farmers to Stem Food Loss

Here's a neat article on how our CoolBot controllers are helping with a global problem. You need to enter the password "coolbot" to be able to see the pdf file.
To read this article go here: August 2014

Kenya's Crop of Innovators Moving the Needle on Food Security

Featured in this article on farming innovations in Kenya, the CoolBot is being used by Dr. Ambuko and her team at University of Nairobi.

"The CoolBot not only has the potential to raise the incomes of farmers, it also gives them a central place to bulk their mangoes and allows them to diversify and venture into other high-value perishables like French beans, tomatoes and leafy green vegetables like kale."
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In Praise of CoolBot

A nice write up and picture of Brewer Union Blog 180's CoolBot cooler.
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6 Tools to Keep Vegetables Fresh Through Market Day

We made the top of the list! "Quickly cooling down produce is often the key to its longevity. Because most beginning farmers don’t have luxuries like walk-in coolers to cool veggies rapidly, Eric Wooldridge from Bells Bend Farm in Nashville, recommends a handy device called the CoolBot..."
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Cool-Rooms And Cool Transport for Limited Resource Farmers

I know this is a little belated but it's so cool and we just got our hands on it! So I bumped it to the top of the page. This here is a collection of all the wonderful information from building materials, strategies and techniques for using the system and alternative power options explored by HortCRSP and UC Davis
Read more here: HortCRSP: Immediate Impact Studies

Use of CoolBot Technology for Construction of Low cost-Low Capacity Cold Storages on Farms

"Our main focus was to develop a prototype low cost storage structure for the small and marginal farmers from locally available insulating material and to test the effectiveness of the CoolBot/room air conditioner combination."
Keep reading here at: Amity International Centre For Post Harvest Technology and Cold Chain Management

Root Cellar Upgrade

Up in Maine, Mal Stephens has used the CoolBot to add a modern twist to the classic root cellar. With tips and photos and one of the most beautiful doors we've seen, this is a lovely blog we're glad to be featured in.
Check out this entry and more at: Crawling Towards Sustainability

Finishing Up a Few Projects

A great blog written by the farmers at the beautiful Little Gunpowder Farm in Maryland. Building coolers is a favorite winer pastime of ours too.
To read this and other articles click here:

Use of cold chains for reducing food losses in developing countries

"The use of "cold" handling and storage systems as an investment to prevent perishable food losses is widely used in developed countries and can be highly cost effective compared to continually increasing production to meet increasing demands for these foods." The CoolBot is one of the cost effective cold storage systems discussed in this article.
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Postharvest Storage- New Farmer Webinar

In this webinar Chris Callahan talks about what happens after to the produce after its picked and the importance of good post harvest practices.
To find out more, check out this site:

Identifying the equipment you need!

We made it into a "Book For DUMMIES"! They recommend using a CoolBot to control temperature conditions in a curing room.
Click here to read more: Butchery and Sausage-Making For Dummies

CoolBot Cooler Room Construction Almost Completed!

In Milwaukee, WI students from the university's class, Practical Approaches to a Sustainable Future, paired up with The Gathering, who donate food to the hungry, to build a cooler to help preserve produce donations. A wonderful program doing great things!
Read on at: The Gathering

Market Farming Success

An invaluable piece of work by Byzinski for any that have dreamed to start their own business gardening and farming. Addressing topics from before there is even a seedling this book gives you all the tools you need. CoolBots get a great mention in here.
Available at: Amazon

Hoe Down: Small-scale farmers have turned to high tech to invent the tools they need

The CoolBot was included in this great article on inventions, invented by farmers to solve big issues on small farms.
Read about the other inventions as well here:


Here's a nice write up about this farm in Maine and their experience with the CoolBot. "Even without the added foam the cooler has performed very well during summer weather in the 90 degree range."
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Chilling Out

These farmers were very thoughtful of where they placed their cooler and settled on inside a pre-existing building; foundation and electric all ready taken care of, out of direct sunlight and close by the pick-up, can't beat that.
Read more at: Sullivan CSA

Second Task: Walk-In Refrigerator

In Wisconsin this farmer shares his build of his beautifully designed and executed walk in cooler.
Read on at: Taproot Farm and Fruit

Hot Days, Cool Rooms, Tasty Vegetables

From UC Davis comes this article that mentions not only the benefit CoolBot brings to small scale farmers, but also smallholder farmers in other countries.
Read more at: Food news from UC Agriculture and Natural Resources

All Things Plants

Arlene from Georgia writes about her cooler construction with help from her family for her flowers!
Read her forum post and the replies at: All Things Plants

Horticulture CRSP launches third Regional Center of Innovation

HortCRSP just opened their third Regional Center of Innovation at the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute. They celebrated the opening with an event which included a technology fair which included the CoolBot and many other innovations!
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The Dough Lair!

This is so cool! Our Shared Ground is a non-profit organization whose emphasis is in providing education and inspiration to familes about nutrition through agriculture. These guys used a refurbished shipping container and a CoolBot to build their "dough lair"! They include some great pictures and designs.
To see more go to: Our Shared Ground

PreCooling Colorado Crops

Before the produce even gets to the cooler, there are even more tips on how to have extend and improve the qualities of crops post harvest and pre-cooling.
For more information check out the site:

How a Farmer Hacks Big Ag

This great article tells of Ron and Kate Khosla's ideals behind creating more accessible technologies and systems for small farms. The best thing, Ron says, is open communication among farmers.
Check out this article at: Modern Farmer Media

Small Farming Technology: CoolBot

Small scale farm Stonewall in Keene, NH writes up a nice article about the CoolBot. They also include a link to their SIP plans.
Read this wonderful blog at: Stonewall Farm

IFP Portraits: Royce Gloria Androa Ayikoru: UGANDA

After graduating from UC Davis with a Master's degree in International Agricultural Development, Royce Gloria Androa Ayikoru is a Senior Partner at Reach Your Destiny, a consultancy firm, who have been helping farmers to construct their own cold storage facilities using CoolBots!
Click here to read more about this amazing lady:

CoolBots(TM): Inexpensive Cold Storage

This is a great article on CoolBots. There are two corrections I would make however. One is that there seems to have been a misunderstanding that if there is a power failure CoolBot coolers can't restart on their own. CoolBots restart on their own (and remember their settings) and MOST brands of air conditioners restart on their own as well after a power failure. So... if you live in a power-failure prone area, then stick with one of the big brands of air conditioners we recommend like HAIER or GE. A few brands (including SAMSUNG and FRIGIDAIRE) don't restart automatically after the power goes out, and I think that's what might have been confused in the article. Also they reference an old 2009 analysis on efficiency of the Coolbot compared to new systems, and that was done with a CoolBot attached to a whole-house air conditioner NOT one of the new air conditioners (made after 2012 with better refrigerant and NOT a window air conditioner with one fan... it was a whole house a/c unit with MULTIPLE fans). Still this is a good article.
Read the whole article at: UVM Extension Ag Engineering

Considering a CoolBot?

Rutland Area Farm and Food Link wrote a little blurb about us with a link to the ever popular UVM article.
Read more at: What's Growin On

Making of Cold Room: Part 1

This budding brewery in Kansas City, MO took pictures of their cooler build under way. We look forward to the sequel. :)
To read more go to: The Big Rip

Off-Grid Farm Infrastructure

At Waxwing Farm in Nova Scotia, they experimented with energy efficient projects including a wood-heated thermal mass seedling bench, a solar hot air food dehydrator and a photovoltaic system to power a cooler using CoolBot!
See the pdf at: ACORN Conference

Small Victory Today

Eyes brimming with tears of joy, this brewery out of Seattle, WA hooked up a CoolBot to a free AC he found on Craigslist.
Read more at: Standard Brewing

We've accomplished our goal. Update #10

With their successful kickstarter, the Eighth Day Farm in Holland, MI was able to fund many of their goals including the construction of a walk-in cooler powered by a CoolBot system!
To see all their awesome projects they have accomplished go here:

Low Cost Storage Technology for Farmers, SMEs and Entrepreneurs

A great presentation created for Vietnam
Available at: Low Cost Storage Tech

Building Cold Storage

Here's an article in the APPA Grit by Ron on cooler construction.
To read more go here:

Root Cellar Revival, Construction Options for Building Classic Food Storage Area

They're making a come back! Included on the list of different types of root cellars are electrically assisted ones that use the CoolBot system.
Read more at : Ottowa Citizen

Pack N'Cool Trailer

This is a beautifully written explanation and guide to a seriously solid trailer. The lower left hand side has links to detailed construction plans and budgets... So well done. With the need for cold storage on the go growing, this article provides all the details one would need to build their own cold storage trailer.
Read the whole article at: Plants For Human Health

Building a Walk-In Cooler

Here is nicely chronicled cooler build complete with pictures from Tom, a gardner who is all about homemade and DIY.
To read more about this go to: Tom's Garden's

Chilling Out...

These guys made one beautiful cooler! And took great pictures along the way, they also had a neat sourcing idea for the cooler panels.
Read this and other great blogs from: Hartwood Farm

Energy Efficient Farming at Glynwood

Here is a web article on energy efficient farming from Glynwood Farm in Coldspring, NY. In addition to the radiant heating solution for their greenhouse and use of an electric instead of gas powered tractor, they also use a CoolBot to reduce electricity use in their cold storage.
Read more at: Glynwood

Harvest Morning

Broadfork Farm, June 2012

On Broadfork Farm in Nova Scotia, harvest starts before dawn in the fields. After picking their vegetables with care, they are washed and put away into their cooler using a CoolBot, till market.
Follow this great blog at: Broadfork Farm

Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

CoolBot made number 1 on the list! And we get some pretty nice comments to boot.
For this and other florist related blogs see: Botanical Brouhaha

CoolBot on the Cornell Small Farms

From a small scale farmer in Ithaca who took a chance with the CoolBot, to the history of it's creation, to the creator himself, this article gives a great overview of the CoolBot.
Read the whole article at: Cornell Small Farms Program

Somerset County Farmers Receive Grants

Heart of Maine, a non-profit organization, backed a program, with the help of the Walmart foundation, that matched funds with small farmers to help finance the construction on walk in coolers using CoolBots.
To read more go to: Morning Sentinel

What's Happening at the Farm: Truck Grow Hut

These guys are using the CoolBot and included an audio recording of the builder explaining the retrofit from an old beer delivery truck to a cooler for their mushrooms. Very cool!
To hear this clip go to: Mushroom Maestros

Low Cost Cold Room Using CoolBot for Refrigeration

Here is a presentation from John Wilhoit on the CoolBot including different types of construction and ways to improve the shelf life of produce.
For more click here: Low Cost Cold Room Mid Atlantic Convention

Vacant Lots to Vibrant Urban Farms

A mobile cooling unit using a CoolBot was the goal of this Minneapolis farm, and they did it!
For more go to: Kick Starter

Urban Bioshelters in New England

This article explores alternatives to high cost systems used for heating greenhouses and cooling coolers. The CoolBot is one of the technologies they discuss.
To read more go here:

Ready For Mushroom Spawn!

Here's a great blog from Cherry Tree House Mushrooms about building their walk in cooler powered by a CoolBot!
To read more go here:

46 taps in Roanoke – Blue 5 is ready to set the new high water mark!

Blue 5 is the featured bar and they keep their tap room cold with none other than the CoolBot!
Check out the article and the great pictures here:

Tiny Farm Gear

Featured here in this blog written by a farmer based out of Ontario, geared towards the 5 acre and smaller farms, CoolBot made the list!
Read more at:Tiny Farm Blog

What's a CoolBot?

Shared Legacy Farms based out of Ohio wrote about using the CoolBot to store produce for their CSA and how their parents got one themselves for their sweet corn after seeing the CoolBot at work!
To see more go to: Shared Legacy Farms

Our Walk-In Cooler Works

This awesome couple are missionaries in Papau New Guinea and used a CoolBot system to replace their broken compressor in their walk-in cooler! "Our walk-in cooler broke down at the end of our January Interface team... a very sad day. An even sadder day came when we found out the price to get it fixed. But then there was hope... the Coolbot!"
Read more about this and other adventures here: The Devine Happenings of Jacob and Beth

What's a CoolBot? Low-Cost Storage for the Winter Market & NOFAvore Social (NOFA-VT Summer Workshop Series Event)

Northeast Farming Organic Association of Vermont, NOFA-VT hosted a workshop on low cost options for cold storage and included a how to on setting up the CoolBot system.
Read on at:

Cut Salad Greens: How Cold is Cold Enough?

Cut greens are a favorite at Farmers Markets and recently there has been discussion about the proper temperature to maintain not only for quality but for safety reasons. CoolBot coolers are a low cost answer to keep those requirements.
Read more about this issue

Lower Your Electric Bill With CoolBot

This is a neat write-up by Jude Boucher from the University of Connecticut. He's a touch generous with the abilities of CoolBot to work with any A/C, please see our list of recommended brands.
Read more at:


This Brooklyn cheese crafter built his own cave using a CoolBot.
Read more, and check out the pretty pictures of cheese here:
Here is an update on the CoolBot cooler 1 month later:

DIY CoolBot Walk-in Cooler Tips

This article from SPIN offers some tips on DIY coolers, theres also a link to a PDF that speaks more on the subject. Not an awful lot, actually just a brief mention of CoolBots but contains helpful suggestions on cooler construction.
Check out this article at: Spin Farming

The Complete Root Cellar Book: Building Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes

A great book that goes into detail about actually building several styles of insulated (above and below-ground) root cellars. The book talks about the CoolBot as the most cost effective way to maintain the temperatures (and it's even in illustrations!) It's a neat book to buy even if you don't get a CoolBot (but after reading it, you will DEFINITELY want a CoolBot!)
Available at: Amazon

Kosher Poultry Processing

This is an article on Kosher poultry processing from the newsletter for the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (a great organization). The reporter uses a CoolBot and writes very positively about it and goes into some nice detail about cooler construction as well. There is another more recent article just on the CoolBot as well (also totally positive), but I don't have a link to that... if I get it, I'll post to it -- OR you can join the APPPA!
Read the whole article at: Small Farm Central

Silvery Moon Cheese- Final Cheese Cave Report

GREAT detailed report, especially for people doing cheese caves - It's a bit long, so search for the word "CoolBot" to get to their experiences (which are good.)
Read the whole report at: Silvery Moon Cheese

Coolrooms and Cool Transport for Small-scale Farmers

A break down of an incredible program that UC Davis backed using the CoolBot to provide affordable and accessible cold room storage solutions. Projects include testing different insulating materials, the CoolBots preformance, and "the use of photovoltaic panels to power the system."
Check out this great project at: UC Davis

Evaluation of the CoolBot Controller for Small Farm Walk-in-Coolers(ST10563-1)

Here is the summary for the research project NYSERDA conducted with Store It Cold.
Read more at:

Evaluation of the CoolBot™ Low-Cost Walk-In Cooler Concept

"The COOLbot™ controller walk-in cooler system has proven to achieve energy efficiency gains over conventional walk-in coolers. This product has the potential to increase the availability of local foods with huge up-front cost savings as well as operations and maintenance savings for the farmer."
They say some other really nice things about us here:

Portable Building Coolers for Market Gardeners

After visiting a farm in Oklahoma using a CoolBot this writer shares on the importance of post harvest care and the effects it can have on the shelf life and quality of produce.
Read more at:

CoolBot Ice Sensor Makes It Possible To Build a Do-It-Yourself Walk-In Cooler

This is a great article about the CoolBot and its development over time and SATOP's involvement in creating durable sensors.
Read on at: SATOP and Bay Area Houston, TX

Low-Cost Cold Storage Room for Market Growers

This is a GREAT free publication with info on building your own cooler! I like their design! What's terrific about this is that they use a HYBRID design with fiberglass batt insulation AND rigid foam insulation to save money. If you read my cooler design article from Growing For Market, I talk about how we've seen fiberglass insulation get rot and black mold, so we tell everyone to use rigid foam insulation. But this Kentucky design uses just a little rigid foam insulation in the right place to stop condensation on the outside! THIS IS AWESOME! IT WORKS! If rigid foam insulation is expensive in your area, then this could be a terrific solution, especially if you are more comfortable doing stick-frame construction. *I would STRONGLY recommend that you use 1.5 inches of rigid foam instead of the 3/4 inches that is recommended because I think it pays off in electricity savings. HUNDREDS if not thousands of our customers have used this design by now because we actively recommend it on the phone to people with minimal construction experience.
Read more at: University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Hort Ideas

Totally Cool! We're big fans of Hort Ideas and it was a nice surprise to see us there. I can't link to this, you'd have to go to the library.

The CoolBot: The Small Farmer's Answer to Cold Storage

One of my favorite articles (because it compares us to the invention of the lightbulb :-)... Really, it's good - he interviews a few different farmers that have CoolBots in Maine so you hear their experiences. Maine and Georgia are HUGE states for CoolBot sales (Who would have thought GA had so many small farms!)
To read more see: Maine Organic Farmer and Gardeners Association

Hudson Valley Veganic Farm Attracting Worldwide Attention

Long article focuses on Ron and Kate at the farm but devotes a nice big section on the CoolBot technology...
Read the whole article at: Sierra Atlantic

The CoolBot (TM)- Appropriate Cooling Technology

HortCRSP and USAID do a concise write-up on the use and benefits of the CoolBot.
Check it out at:

CoolBot- An Affordable Cooler for Flower Growers

A very lovely article that mentions the affordability and energy efficiency of the CoolBot system.
To read more go to: Pure Petals

Innovative Potato Storage For Smallholder Farmer Households in Bangladesh

A really great article on an incredible project. In Bangladesh, the introduction of the CoolBot allows farmers to store not only their crops but their seed potatoes as well!
Read here for more:

The Flower Farmer

From the "godmother of the organic flower movement" comes this book which is a wealth of information and a necessary resource for anyone growing flowers for market. We are honored to be mentioned in her book that is available for sale at Growing for Market.
Read more at: Growing For Market

CoolBot Hacks Air Conditioners to Create Green Walk-in Freezers

A brief early article about the CoolBot. There are a few details such as being a walk-in freezer or getting to temperatures of 32F, that are off, but otheriwse it's a nice mention.
Follow this link to see more: Good Clean Tech

Farmer's Invention Grows Up

One of the first aritcles written on behalf of the CoolBot and the man behind it.
Times Herald Record Article about CoolBot Walk-In Cooler for Produce

Make Your Own Cooler

Here is a great article writing on the ease and accessibility the CoolBot brings to building your own cooler.
Growing For Market CoolBot Walk-In Cooler for keeping vegetables and flowers cool and fresh