Installing the CoolBot to your Window Air conditioner

Anyone can install a CoolBot! It takes 2-3 minutes.

No tools are required except your fingers.
No permanent modifications are made to the a/c units. There is no cutting or splicing of anything.

Detailed instructions with pictures as well as a toll-free support number come with your order.

Here's a YouTube video I made of me installing a coolbot on the air-conditioner in our farm cooler. Even talking through it, it only takes a few minutes.

YouTube CoolBot Installation Video

Here's a run-down of the steps required to install the CoolBot

  1. Install any brand of window A/C unit which you've purchased separately. (See the table below for sizing.) We just cut a sloppy hole in the wall of our home-built walk-in cooler with a chain saw, stuffed the A/C unit into the hole, and then used "Great Stuff" foam sealant (From Home Depot or Lowes) to seal up the gaps.
  2. Plug the CoolBot into a standard A/C outlet - it uses no more electricity to run than a cell-phone charger, so no special electrical connections are needed.
  3. There are three labeled wires coming out of CoolBot: The first (labelled "ROOM") measures the temperature of the room. Just let it hang free.
  4. The second wire (labeled "FIN Sensor") you stick into the front cooling fins of the A/C unit. It stays there on its own. No tape or screws.
  5. The third wire (labeled "HEATER") attaches to the temperature sensor you see stuck to the front fins of your airconditioner. (It's the only thing you'll see attached to the front fins of your A/C unit, so no guessing necessary!) Just wrap the CoolBot "HEATER" wire up with that air-conditioner temperature sensor using a small 1/2 inch by 1 inch piece of aluminum foil (included) to ensure a good thermal connection.
  6. The CoolBot comes pre-programmed to cool your room down to 41 F (5 C), but you there is a digital display. You can set it to whatever you want.

Installation Diagram

Coolbot Installation Diagram

Chart for What Size air conditioner to use for a given room size.

For more information check out the Air-conditioner size and Brand recommendationsPage

Dimensions of the Walk-In Cooler Size of Air-Conditioner
6' x 8' 10,000 BTU
8' x 8' 12,000 BTU
8' x 10' 15,000 BTU
8' x 12' 18,000 BTU
10' x 12' 21,000 BTU
10' x 14' 24,000 BTU
(Air-conditioner capacity vs. room size for CoolBot Systems)