Coolbot Unit

Store It Cold with CoolBot!

For Farmers, Florists, Meat Processors, Keg Coolers and Restaurants

Now running on over 14,000 Coolers!

Keep your farm produce, flowers, fish, meat and beverages cool and fresh for less money than a single repair bill on a normal walk-in cooler compressor while saving 40% or more in electricity

Looking for an alternative to an expensive walk-in cooler compressor?

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The CoolBot turns almost any brand of off-the-shelf, window-type air conditioning unit (purchased separately) into a turbo-charged cooling machine. Transform an insulated room into a walk-in cooler to keep your vegetables, meat, flowers and other products fresh and thermostatically controlled cool down to 35F!

CoolBot will not only save you on installation and repair costs, it will also help you save electricity, reducing your operating costs when combined with new Energy Star air conditioning units engineered to much stricter environmental standards than standard walk-in cooler compressors. CoolBot uses new (patent-pending) technology that just became available in 2006.

Performance varies based on the size of your room and the size of the A/C unit you have. As a guide: Here in Southern New York, a $400 Home Depot 18,000 BTU window A/C unit keeps produce in a 7' x 12' insulated room at the 38 F we set it to during the summer with plenty of cooling power to spare.