Advantages to using a CoolBot System

Save Money on Equipment: CoolBots cost $299, and you may already have an air conditioner laying around! New Energy-Star rated air conditioners with 5 year warranties can be found in stores like Home Depot, WalMart, Costco and Best Buy.
Do-It-Yourself Installation in MINUTES: A brain-dead monkey can install the CoolBot. That hasn't been tested, but installation is easy enough that it sure seems possible. You can see quick installation instructions right here on this site. You'll get more instructions with pictures when you order. It's fast enough that we'll hang out on the phone with you while you install it if you'd like, don't hesitate to call!
Save money on repair costs: Last year, a visit from the repairman cost one friend $250, and another friend $300. Neither person knows exactly what was done - it was all labor and it didn't seem to take that long, so who knows! But the money they spent on one repair bill could have paid for a CoolBot! For people that have walk-in coolers now, think about buying a CoolBot as a back-up! Better yet, read on and think about disconnecting that old clunker and start saving money on your electric bill right now!
Save money in operating costs and electricity: CoolBot allows you to use more efficient Energy Star-compliant air conditioning units with more efficient motors and fans. They also use a fraction of the coolant AND it's the new ozone-friendly coolant! Use the money you save to add an extra layer of insulation to your walk-in cooler, reducing your electrical costs even more!

Studies suggest that CoolBot can save you close to 40% on your electricity costs as compared to a normal walk-in cooler compressor. (Not because of compressor efficiency but because 60% of a conventional cooler's electric use goes to constantly running the multiple fans.)

Improve the quality of your produce and cut flowers: Obviously, using CoolBot is an advantage over having no cooler, but even if you have a cooler, you know that the multiple fans can dry produce out quickly. That happens much less with the single fan in an A/C unit mated to the CoolBot.
Build a second cooler and expand your markets!: CoolBot is cheap enough that you can use it for a second part-time walk-in cooler!
Already have a conventional compressor? Switch to CoolBot and SAVE! CoolBot pays for itself in saved electricity and fresh looking, less dried-out produce. It pays for itself again when you don't have to pay your next repair bill.

The CoolBot works great, but it isn't for everyone. Check out the Disadvantages to see if CoolBot is right for you.